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We are frank, outspoken and aim to give you a balanced picture including all positive and negative aspects


We are completely independent. Our reporting is neither commissioned by third parties nor in any way influenced by commission payments or advertisement revenue. We adhere to a strong set of values


Our website will help you to save time and efforts as we provide all information in a well-structured and easily accessible way so that you can make up your own mind quickly


We are not content with just checking a few online sources. We thoroughly investigate a topic until we are confident to have fully understood and covered every angle


We are absolutely open about how we do our research and how we arrive at our conclusions. If you question our procedures or results you can contact us and we will publish your comments together with our reply. We will never suppress critical comments

We cover

There are already plenty of websites that cover hotels, restaurants, nightlife and other pastime activities in Thailand. However, quality information on topics that are truly important to your life here is often missing. To counter this we will first focus on fundamental expat issues such as visa, housing, banking, insurance, schools, hospitals. Once this is fully covered we will expand to all kinds of topics based on your comments and suggestions

We reward your input

To provide quality reports we conduct extensive desk research and also talk to many global and local industry specialists. However, our main source of information is you

We need you to identify burning topics for which expats in Thailand really need advice. And we need you even more to provide us with feedback on products and services that you have purchased. Did they fulfill their marketing promises and your own expectations? Was it worth the cost? What features should be improved? Did you get a good service before, during and after sales? Only you as the customer can answer this and that’s why we need you. If you spend just a few minutes of your time to send us your feedback this will potentially help thousands of others to buy a better product. And you yourself will profit in the same way from the feedback that your fellow expats have provided if you search for different products in the future. Don’t be a free rider. Help us, help others, help yourself.

We are preparing to launch a unique customer review process soon that will avoid the issues currently associated with many such systems (e.g. paid reviews, lacking comparability, insufficient number of feedbacks). This is just the start. A lot more is in the pipeline and a little input by yourself will be more than fully rewarded in the future

We support fair competition

We have a strong business background ourselves and know that economies will only prosper if companies make money. We also know that in marketing you try to picture your products in the best possible way. No problem with that either. However, we have experienced first-hand that once decent companies are nowadays adopting more and more shady business practices ranging from making false promises, providing substandard products, recanting on promised aftersales services to outright fraud. Our site aims to identify and publicize bad behavior and to make sure that profit-oriented companies with great products and an intact value system towards their customers and employees get a fair chance in the market


We welcome your contribution

We are a new and fully independent site that is fighting declining marketing standards and business ethics. Unsurprisingly no corporation has endowed us with a multi-million dollar budget and we have also not sought the investment of a venture capital firm as getting rich is not our focus and we don’t want to compromise our independence.

To speed up our development we need you. We won’t pay you anything but you will get a satisfaction that is worth a lot more than money ….. the good feeling that comes with helping other people. So if you want to help the development of this site please contact us provided that you conform with our values as stated above. We are especially interested in the support of expats and Thais who

  • have extensive knowledge in a specific industry and are willing to share their knowledge with us and our readers
  • are a techies with lots of experience in website development, website operation and website safety
  • can give us permission to use their high-quality, unique and meaningful pictures on our site (about Thailand, expat live in Thailand, and the interaction between expats and Thais)
  • like to write, have an investigative mindset and want to help making expat live in Thailand easier

We look forward to your comments and suggestions on how to improve our site. Please write to us at

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