About us

Our mission

Are you annoyed when after a longer search on Google, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, etc. you still haven’t found what you were looking for? Are you really upset when the article that you found and that at least covered the topic was obviously written by a ghostwriter with the sole purpose to promote the products of the sponsor? And do you get exasperated when you are presented with comments or blogs from travelers or uninformed expats who don’t know much about Thailand but like to publish their views in bad or even abusive language? Then you feel like us and that’s why we want to change it.

We aim to provide quality information that is based on sound research and genuine customer feedback and presented in a candid, well-structured and readily accessible way. Topics of current interest will be covered in regular blogs that will be both entertaining and informative. Its is our mission to facilitate your expat life in Thailand so that you have more time for what really matters: Your family, your friends, your hobbies 

Our background

Having obtained higher degrees from reputed Western universities we embarked on brief but successful corporate careers that enabled us to become financially independent, retire at an early age to Thailand and spend our lives doing activities that we really enjoy. Over the past decade we have accumulated quite some knowledge about Thailand (including its language) and built up meaningful relationships with expats as well as many locals. We are enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge with you. It is also our passion to counter declining business ethics and to enable you as a customer to be well informed and obtain a good product or service at a reasonable price

Our approach to privacy

Please confirm by clicking below that you have read and fully understood our 150 page privacy document compiled in Thai language by a top international law firm who invoiced us such a large amount that we unfortunately need to add a 5% “privacy fee” to our standard rates …………

Well, you might read that somewhere else but certainly not with us. In our view privacy is a “basic human right” and only the individual may decide what happens to his or her data. Unfortunately recent legislation especially in the Western world shows how depraved our political systems have become and how lobbyist have successfully infiltrated bureaucracy, legislature and the executive branch. Instead of increasing privacy the new legislation has made it much easier especially for big corporations to get ever more information and use them as they please. Now we have to give away our lives by having to agree to very lengthy, highly elaborate but quite cryptic privacy statements that no citizen has the time to read and no normal person (except for the very few and now very happy lawyers among us) could possibly fully understand

We make it simple. We will never ever willingly sell or transmit your data to any third party without your explicit consent (except if forced to do so by law). And we will also try our best to reduce or even eliminate the use of third party beacons, buttoms, etc.. However, we are not very tech savvy and therefore might not be able to foil respective sinister or even illegal attempts by other parties. Unfortunately such behavior is currently already the norm and not the exception as recent scandals involving the big guys should have made painfully clear to all of us

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